General Information

       The bibliography database "Baikal" was compiled on the basis of Russian and foreign works published in 1990-2006, borrowed from the current catalogs of the State Patent Research Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, reference journals and other sources. This database is a continuation of the bibliography catalog of works on Lake Baikal published in 1768-1968 (Irkutsk, 1982). It contains a great variety of publications: scientific papers from journals and books, monographs, proceedings of conferences, abstract books, and manuscripts. The whole database consists of 21,600 records. It represents a more complete set of scientific works for the period of 1988-2006. They were published by researchers from Limnological Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as by foreign scientists. Their studies were carried out within the framework of the Baikal International Center for Ecological Research (BICER). Limnological Institute compiles the bibliography database jointly with the Scientific Library of the Irkutsk Scientific Center SB RAS.

       The database "Baikal" is unique and represents a set of publications on the following disciplines: history, economics, geology, hydrology, hydrochemistry, climatology, biology, and nature preservation of Lake Baikal and Pribaikalye.

       The database contains abstracts of papers, maps, tables, diagrams and figures of papers. The total annual volume of records makes up about 1,500 entries. Moreover, beginning from 2001 there is an access to full format texts of papers.

       In the bibliography database "Baikal", there is a subject index, as well as a variety of search options.

       The search in the bibliography database is carried out by using author's name, title, work's source and publication year. The search can be performed using a key word or their combinations, as well as a topic index. The list of works by scientists of Limnological Institute can be found with a key word "LIN".


List of Subject Indices
(in brackets a number of publications on this topic)

Systematics and Ecology of Baikal Fauna and Flora (332)
Plankton Monitoring (18)
Studies of Water Bodies and Rivers of East Siberia (66)
Parasitology (104)
Trophic Relationship of Baikal Organisms (26)
Biocenology (31)
General Information on Baikal International Center for Ecological Research (8)
Problems of Baikal Preservation and Use of Its Resources (74)
Biology of Baikal Seal (56)
Canine Distemper Virus in Aquatic Mammals (41)
Microorganisms Inhabiting Water Column and Bottom Sediments (61)
Hydrothermal Sources (15)
Geochemistry (649)
Geological Studies of Lake Baikal and Baikal Rift (152)
Physiology and Biochemistry of Baikal Organisms: Omul, Cottoidae, and Whitefish (106)
Hydrology: Elements of Water Balance, Physical Characteristics of Water (123)
Mechanisms of Vertical Mixing (45)
Climate. Aerosols and Mathematical Modelling of Atmosphere Processes (161)
Recent State of Lake Baikal Ecosystem (79)
Molecular Enzymology and Methods of Molecular Biology (107)
Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny of Baikal Organisms (92)
Paleoclimate Reconstruction of East Siberia Related to Global Changes using Data on Lake Baikal Sediments (251)

Total amount of records - 16736.

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